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Breathe easier with our team and equipment keeping your crew safe from environmental and operational hazards.  

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Worker in a hard hat and respiratory mask on the job


Safeguard Your Team

Experienced Safety Services

  • Ensure the well-being of your workforce's health and safety with Industrial Safety Solutions' Services.
  • We partner with you to provide the best safe environment for your team, empowering you to make more confident decisions. 

Prioritizing People First. 

Our expert H2S Technicians and robust list of equipment ensure a secure work environment.

Breathing Air Equipment

In addition to selling and renting equipment, we also provide certified services for this life saving gear; from SCBA's and FIT testing to breathing air cylinders- cascade systems and trailers.

Alarm Systems

Keeping you and your teams safe from toxic gases and airborne contaminants, our alarm systems are built and maintained to withstand the harshest of environments.

Inspection & Testing

Give your crews the ideal respiratory environment. We can provide packaged protection with inspection, maintenance, testing, and repair to exceed compliance requirements.

Need Respiratory Protection?

We can meet your breathing needs.